Woodver for Kids (full furniture set)

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Woodver furniture for children's room is made out of quality birch plywood.

* The furniture suits ideally into every boy's and girl's room.
* Dovetail system gives the furniture a unique and nifty look.
* The furniture is elaborated with stain and varnish - this kind of elaboration leaves the natural pattern of the plywood still visible.
* The drawers are all apart components and they can be placed on top or next to each other.
* You can also place the cupboard on top of the drawers.
* For opening drawers, closet etc we use push/pull systems. The drawers will open automatically while pressing on them.
* To secure the safety of our products, we have rounded the angles of the furniture.
* The furniture ensemble consists of a: bed, closet, desk, chair, three drawers, bookshelf, mirror and a toybox.

Available color schemes:

* White
* Yellow
* Green
* Pink
* Blue


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