Our new machines!

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Now is not the time to stay still, so we decided to provide you with new solutions, better quality and price - upgraded our machinery fleet. We asked help from , beacause nowadays it is difficult and expensive for small enterprises to aquire new machines. Lengthy negotiations finally led to an outcome, and now we are proud to present to you our two youngest members.

CNC wood processing bench Quick MT-45 provides us the opportunity to cut wood, plastic and other materials from the softer and more sophisticated pieces, very precisely and in large quantities. It is also possible to make a variety of engravings bench above the surface. You can create a completely new form of engravings with custom design and personalized products. 

k45 cnc

Film cutter Roland CAMM-1 PRO GX 500 - Designed to capitalize standardized 1.2 meter wide vinyl. With film cutter, we can cut the vinyl with variety of features and templates. The cut parts can be used as design elements on all smooth surfaces. We use mostly film cutter for glazing design.


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