Furniture for children’s and youth rooms

The children’s room furniture is the first product line of Woodver. While designing the furniture we try to combine 5 most important components: style, multifunctionality, naturality, quality and safety. We believe that we have successfully completed our mission. You can find a more precise description of our products in our online-store.


We produce our furniture from quality birch plywood. Plywood is a natural and durable material. With its natural pattern it gives the products unique and beautiful appearance.


We use quality door hinges with pusher system and drawer bus bars. The drawers and doors with pusher system open easily, when pressing the panels. Thanks to the system they do not need special handles, which makes the furniture more safe and child friendly.


We elaborate the furniture with stain and varnish. The stain turns the plywood natural pattern more visible and the varnish helps to maintain the furniture later on easily.


You can order furniture for your children’s room through our online-store or by contacting us directly.

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